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Love stories of the quirky and diverse

A novelist in both SF & LGBT Romance, a mother, a story addict, an endless student and a drooling xenophile.

More About Michele

Story sweeps up the dust of our lives, moistens it with breath, and grows food for the soul. A voracious reader, Fogal can be found gobbling that food like a truffle hunting hog.

She has always felt a sense of kinship with quirky and diverse people. As a bisexual author, writing love stories that explore the rainbow of human experience is both a pleasure and a calling. Her work celebrates the divine nature of diversity, and the sacred, messy work of intimacy.

Michele lives in Vancouver, Canada, with the love of her life, two inspiring children, and an adorable, anxious chiweenie. In her rainy West Coast home, she runs a communications business and keeps her head stubbornly in the clouds.

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