Apart, Not Broken

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Project Description

Snatches from the Trenches of Motherhood May 2007


Amelie was making a necklace and ran out of the beads she needed to continue the pattern she had decided on. She was dismayed for a while, then chose a new pattern to work on. These beads quickly ran out as well.


It struck me that this is life. We set out with a plan and find that our plan “can not be completed as dialled”. We think of this with dismay.


This large thought stream is whispering to me. The sun fills the room in one of those moments of chest swelling illumination. The larger pattern is so much richer and better than any simple silly pattern we could come up with on our own.


She brought me a toy. “Sam broke this.” I looked it over; all the connective tabs were in place. I said, “It’s not broken, it’s just come apart.”


Yes, just like me. I am apart, not broken.