firing inside the socket

firing inside the socket 2017-07-28T23:19:42+00:00

Project Description

imagine that you are a plug
you know, with two metal prongs
no… three prongs
and that I am a socket

you’re plugged in at work
your prongs firing and receiving long columns of information
you are socked in at home into tv or computer
although I sit beside you at times
my little socket slots dark and waiting
your prongs are not available
their naked metal sunk deep
sealed away

when your eyes turn towards me
distracted, removed
I can see the energy whizzing by
carrying all that data and colour
to some unknown destination
too fast to identify

I have waited for so long
plugging other people into my slots
feeling the rush of their thoughts and feelings into me
giving them direct access to my energy field
my massive memory bank
the pathways only I can burn

charged up for a while
then slumping
wishing that I could do that with you

when I catch a glimpse of your plug disengaging
as you turn from one thing to another
I let out small sparks
arching right through the air between us
tiny updates
condensed messages
trying to convey all that is inside me
all that is building
like a great solar flare of energy
ready to burn into you

wishing you would plug right in
and drain me to the core