The 100th

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Everyone worries about protecting their child from the world, but Zion must protect the world from her child.
  • Location: Seattle, USA
  • Time frame: 3 generations into the future
  • Main character: Zion, a young woman exiled from the safety of her compound into the wilds of the city

About this Book

Zion is a young woman exiled from her home compound into the wilds of the city. The story begins on Earth in a future where women are having difficulty carrying fetuses to term. When Zion finds herself pregnant, she knows that it’s only a matter of time before her secret will make itself known and the delicate balance that she has created for herself and her boyfriend will no longer sustain their survival. She fears that she may not be able to protect her child from the world, but she may have more trouble protecting the world from her child.

Author’s Comments

This was the first book that I started writing in the Wild Seed Series. The beginning of it all! And even now, I’ve not planned any prequels to this story within the Wild Seed Universe.

The idea started as a short story for my university writing class. It was about a woman finding an infant in a post apocalyptic city and although my prof panned all science fiction as non-literary “genre” fiction, the story stuck in my mind. I knew there was more that was happening after the story ended. A friend who had read the story asked about it years later, saying that she kept thinking about the story and wondering what was going to happen next. That inspired me and as I attended writers’ groups post-university, I started writing pieces of what would become this novel and other bits of the Wild Seed Series.

As this story had been written in fits and starts over such a long time period, it became a daunting project that seemed impossible to fit together into a cohesive whole. I was only able to escape this block by dodging around it and picking up a completely different story, later in the Wild Seed timeline. I let go of this story (for a while) and that was the key to getting going.

I started working on (what I thought was) a separate story and then on a third storyline. I’ll never forget the moment I realized that all of these stories were linked together in the same timeline and the same universe! I was standing in the kitchen when suddenly everything fit together in the most wonderful and awe inspiring way and I realized that what I had inside my mind was a series of novels. Separate but linked together. And because each book was a stand alone story, not only could they be read in any order, but I could write them in any order as well.

The main obstacle now was time. How was I ever going to get enough time to work on this when I had a baby at home? When I was pregnant with my second child, I had a few months off work unexpectedly before he was born. My mind was exploding with creative ideas. I almost couldn’t sleep for want of a pen and paper to write it all down. It was during this time that the series grew to fruition in my mind.

This book is currently under development.