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When a mind virus spreads throughout humanity, Iona must find a way to fight the contagion that’s already become a part of who she is.
  • Location: Vancouver, Canada, Earth and Ameliaura (a human colonized planet)
  • Time frame: 4 generations into the future
  • Main character: Iona, a woman infected with a virus of the mind

About this Book

Iona comes of age in a world divided between those that have been mentally altered by a new type of human, and those who are resisting conversion. When she is altered against her will, she hides the changes that she’s going through and thus isn’t taken from her family when the panic about contagion segregates those around her. She must decide how to use her new power; can she keep herself safe and protect those left untouched by the energy virus that threatens to overwhelm the world?

Author’s Comments

This was the second book that I started writing in the series. Scenes from this book were written in a writers’ group that I belonged to when my kids were very young. We met infrequently and so the pieces I had were hard to collage together into a whole. I ended up completing manuscripts for subsequent novels in the series before returning to this earlier story in the timeline and fleshing it out.

Iona is a key character in the series and other novels to come centre around her.

This book is currently under development.