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Snow’s past and his future hold more than he could ever imagine, and both will intertwine to ensnare him in a death grip he can only escape by adapting his very soul.
  • Double story line: 1 in England, 1 on Alexandrina (a human colonized planet)
  • Time frame: 4 generations in the past and 28 generations into the future
  • Main characters: Snow, a scholar with an aversion to being touched


About this Book

Alexander Snow has been quietly working his years away in the university archives, hiding his stammer and his aversion to being touched, until an old classmate looks him up. Pekoe, a handsome scholar, blows into his life like a summer storm, changing everything he touches. Could Pekoe’s taste for the bizarre include someone as odd and awkward as Snow? If there is any hope of finding that spark of connection that Snow has been surviving without, he must loosen the bonds that hold him captive and face the dark past that created them.

If he can accept his own darkness, and find the key that unlocks his higher nature, he may finally be able to transform. Past and future mirror and merge, and his courage will mean more than he will ever know to those he loves, now and in lifetimes to come.



Author’s Comments

This book is the third full manuscript that I completed in this series. The story is a joy to my heart, and the characters have become entrancing old friends. The love stories still leave me fanning myself and wondering what will happen next.


At a certain point, I realized that the book had ended several chapters ago and I was in fact writing the sequel. Another book about these characters is definitely in the mix and I’m eager to get to work on it and other Wild Seed projects.

This book is currently being considered for publication.