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If Liadan taps the well of her own forbidden power, can she trust herself not to get swept away?
  • Location: Ameliaura (a human colonized planet)
  • Time frame: 17 generations into the future
  • Main character: Liadan, a woman of many Talents

About this Book

Liadan has never been like the other girls in her village and now her dangerous talent is the only thing standing between the Motherland she grew up in and the enslavement that threatens from a neighbouring nation. She herself is abducted only to find that her sheltering family has been undermining her for years, and her new enemies are not all as terrible as they seem. If she can find her way to trust those around her and harder still, to trust herself, she may be able to unlock the secret that her world has buried for generations and understand the deep unrest that has created the chaos around her.

Author’s Comments

This was the first Wild Seed Series novel that I wrote from start to finish. It was the project that marked my commitment to moving from other forms of writing, like poetry, short fiction, and scene writing to focusing entirely on the novel. The writing of a full novel was scary, joyous, and dangerous. I’d been resisting the pull of dedicated writing for a long time and this marks the point when I stopped fighting that current and dove right in.

This book is currently being considered for publication.