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baby blab

put a load of whites in whites are warm water ducks like RAIN!!! ducks like RAIN!!! what does a dog say? woof woof woof new diaper my stinker? boil up some rubber nipples fill the [...]


back step

ants wiggle in the fat yellow roses grass is silvery wet the trees rock themselves to sleep a break in the lusty clouds looks lazily at my feet alone on the back step hard to [...]



the beginning this is the part I'm supposed to like all new mystery surprise man apprehension he is beautiful secret light breathing gently through his skin I am ripping my skin to let my light [...]


belly cat

cat on my belly is purring into my heart and rolling me into the music let me gloss your coat cat with my mother touch do the dig on my lap with your talons of [...]


beyond beautiful

satisfied i am beautiful but i can't stop picking at the sore spots my skin is clear but now something's wrong with my internal organs underground i have buried the girl who now refuses to [...]


holy father

bible blacken my hands with original sin my body my boat young and leaky my eyes my ocean wet and wide the world is new the words are old squirming in my skull roping me [...]



walking home after school passing empty yards and houses under the trees we stop to stick out our fingers and palm a thousand chestnuts eggs of mahogany eyes of polished wood we pack our pockets [...]



you are walking clomp clomp in the tall grass gum wrappers and linty kleenexes crowd your brain, fumble your eyes with cottage cheese Big Boots come down clomp on the tiny purple flowers they bear [...]