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my dad has a black fingernail and little cuts on his hands but he doesn't even notice. he can open any jar and build things out of wood for our apartment. he painted every room [...]


feed me

feed me feed the fish feed the flowers feed myself feed the sink feed the cupboards cant feed the kleenex feed my feet into socks feed legs into pants feed hands into pockets feed my [...]


safe with you

safe with you i look away fake distraction i know the eyes you're wearing are full of my lips my hips i know i will share them easily i'm not afraid of your hands gentle [...]



encounter my eyes pointing like sun fingers down into the silent green depths pouring through you until your translucent body starts to take shape rolling to the surface to reveal a nose a curious eye [...]


our orbit

our orbit me glass body full of ocean you moon huge with detail you circle me my tides, wild storms pulled in all directions by your force I can't hold my own seas I've lost [...]



granny's i sit on the high cold toilet seat and have to stretch tall taller to reach the toilet paper there is a wooden ski handrail because the stairs are steep granny is wheezing when [...]


behind me

there is a part of my bed that wraps around and cradles me like a spoon it is hard and soft and it fits it is you there is a part of Santa that buries [...]



coal My grandmother ate coal chomping down on the blackest blood of the earth savoring the darkness, the grit and swallowing it down the scabs of a thousand wounds pooling beneath the skin bruising under [...]


The lion tamer

my drunken darling mumbling and stumbling my baby lovely so crumpled and grumbling I want to contain all that is wild I want to charm this spoilt child lie in my arms when I tell [...]