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If you attended a workshop, I hope you enjoyed it, and that it will inspire you to continue nourishing your own creative spark. If you sign up here, you’ll get a free download of my workbook on building a lifestyle that makes room for creativity, from my workshop “Mama Made It” at the Creative Women Summit. You’ll also get notified as I create more free workshop content.

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Booking Michele as a Speaker

Michele Fogal is an author, entrepreneur, business owner, speaker, coach and teacher. Her workshops are usually between 30-90 min, but can be tailored to fit your group’s needs in terms of content and length that might be most useful to you. Contact her at

Author Interview – Write Woman Write

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Creative Women Summit: Passion to Profit
Mama Made It:
Automate. Delegate. Compartmentalize.
Make space in your life for creative wonder with these mother-tested Sanity Recipes.

Creative Ink Festival
Romance Writers of America – Author Panel

The romance genre is a billion dollar industry with more diversity than most people think. Hear from published authors (traditional, indie and self-published) who span the gamut of heat levels and cross an array of sub-genres and niches, to find out what writing romance might have to offer you.

Speaking & Teaching:

Workshops for Consideration

1. Creating Your Online Author Persona and Brand
Using social media and creating your blog can feel like shooting arrows into the dark. What should you be saying and to who? When you clarify your strategy and hone in on which parts of your authentic self you want to share, you shine your high beams at an attainable target and take aim.

2. How Twitter Got Me Published
A firsthand account of an author’s path through the social media desert to a publishing contract oasis. As a Communications Consultant, Fogal works with businesses to create inspiring web presence and online marketing strategy. As an author, she puts this knowledge into practice and will break down the concepts, so that you can see not only what she did, but why she did it. No techie knowledge required!

3. Create Your Custom Social Media Strategy
What should you be talking about, and NOT talking about on social media? Coming up with content becomes so much simpler when you lay out your own guidelines and goals, and centre your strategy inside your own passion for your work. Identify your tribe, roll out the welcome mat for your gatekeepers, and most of all, enjoy the process.

4a. Sneak Attacks on Writer’s Block!
Even the greats who have been producing for decades can succumb to the most dreaded enemy: writer’s block! If none of us are immune, how can you protect yourself? Here’s an arsenal of weapons you can use to tackle our common foe so when writer’s block creeps in, you’ll be ready!

4b. Skeleton Keys:
Sneaky craft tools that trick your brain into getting your story finished
It’s inevitable that life will blindside your creative process, no matter how perfect it is. This workshop focuses on creating a custom set of master keys to fit any locked door you encounter. Find simple tasks that feel so easy, they might even be fun!

5. Getting into the Zone with Writer’s Meditations
Have you ever needed a shortcut into your own imagination? Meditation can not only provide that much needed backdoor into your most creative space, but each time you use it, you’ll be paving the way for next time. Close your eyes, open your ears and be guided back to your very own source of inspiration and story.

4+5. Paving Your In-Roads
Having trouble getting started? Or are you in the middle of a project and wrestling with an obstacle? There are many pitfalls along the way to a finished creative project, and at some point every artist meets road blocks in their creative process. Find ways to use meditation and creative visualization to empower your imagination as the means to navigate around anything that gets in your way. When your usual “way in” gets blocked, you already have the tools you need to build a new road in.

6. Mama Writes
Having a hard time balancing writing with the rest of your life? Mothers know all about this! Your career, the household, the kids, a partnership, the writing, the networking and promoting… It can get to the point where there are so many ingredients in the air that you live in fear of them landing on your head. Mamas create recipes for: automating, delegating, and compartmentalizing to bring the sanity back into life. Add a healthy dollop of empowerment and inspiration, and your full life can become the creative feast it was meant to be.

7. The Dreaded Info Dump
“I’ve done my research and now you’re going to pay!”
Readers dread the info dump that is so common to Science Fiction and Fantasy. As world builders, we need to vividly describe our universes without disconnecting from our readers. Learn tips on how to: sprinkle exposition in, use Deep POV to draw in your readers, and use context instead of content to convey the depth and inner journey of the story.

8. Hive Mind Story – Hive Mind Writing
While writing science fiction novels about a hive mind universe, author Michele Fogal stumbled upon a writing technique that felt like tapping into a collective subconscious. No matter whether you’re spiritual, religious, atheist, and/or a believer in hard science, this workshop will give you a hands on taste of what creative visualization may unlock for you.

Speaker Bios for Consideration

(Empowerment Bio)
Michele Fogal received a BFA in Creative Writing and then set aside dreams of being a writer for more practical endeavours. Writing, however, had other plans. After battling doubt and writer’s block for years, Fogal is now finding ways to include creativity as a part of her long term life approach, while maintaining her family relationships, her household, her business and her sanity! She is the author of 3 novels, published by 2 presses.

Author Portraits
DSC_7950-3130393542-O michele-fogal-author-portrait-touchedmich9-3559512520-o_1000px optimized-michele_fogal_polished

(Diverse Bio)
Michele Fogal writes love stories by night and runs her online Communications business by day. She has her degree in Creative Writing from UBC where she won a couple of awards and now writes science fiction, fantasy, and LGBT romance. Her West Coast Boys series is published by Dreamspinner Press and her Wild Seed series is with Loose Id. She is devoted to creating love stories about quirky and diverse people.

(Branding Bio)
Michele Fogal grew up listening to stories, reading stories and collecting stories. She is a Storyteller by nature, a Writer by trade and an Entrepreneur by design.

Her company specializes in branding because she loves helping people express the story and identity of their work. Communicating about your project is an opportunity to re-invent yourself by getting to the heart of the matter, communicating that in its simplest form, and making that message shareable within our new online marketplace.

Her published novels include King of Snowflakes, King of Rain and Root of the Spark.


  • 1st novel, “King of Snowflakes”, was published by Dreamspinner Press in Sept 2014
  • 2nd novel, “King of Rain”, was published by Dreamspinner Press in Mar 2015
  • 3rd novel, “Root of the Spark”, was published by Loose Id in Nov 2016
  • “magic dog man”, a poem published in Prairie Fire, a Canadian literary magazine
  • “Six”, Fogal co-authored and directed this theatre piece in Edmonton, AB
  • “Fierce,” Fogal adapted her poem for theatre, and directed this piece
  • Fogal’s poetry been used in theatre production by Corps Departure Theatre Ensemble and Tooba Physical Theatre in Vancouver, BC
  • 5 poems published in New Shoots, Vol 7 & 8

Author Web Presence & Social Media:

Author website: has a blog and newsletter
International guest contributor on other authors’ blogs
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Education & Awards:

I have a BFA in Creative Writing from UBC
My Writing Awards:

  • Roy Daniell’s Scholarship for Creative Writing
  • Norman L. Rothstein Memorial Scholarship for Poetry